Terra Migaki Design

EBUKI are ambassadors for the Terra Migaki Design Project,

website: https://terramigakidesign.com/competition-registration-2020/
press kit: http://ebuki.co/TMD2020_press%20Kit_ENG.pdf
nice video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=CgtOUSkIJmo
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terramigakidesign/
email: competition@terramigakidesign.com

Terra Migaki Design evolved from a Cultural exchange between Italy and Japan in order to promote green architecture with an emphasis on earth construction techniques. Workshops involving master craftspeople and Italian and Japanese professionals began in 2015 and has since developed into a range of events focussing on Milan Design Week. There have also been cultural trips and seminars in several Italian and Japanese towns, an annual design competition focussing on earthen objects, exhibitions, workshops open to international participants, conferences and shows.


The workshops also brought together a group of international artists and builders who were keen to try the Japanese techniques including fibrous earth mixes using rice straw and paper, special hand-made trowels of iron and steel, and the graceful, athletic movements of the Japanese master craftsman, Kenji Matsuki who works with no straight edges and is able to create immaculate sweeping surfaces from a standing squat.


Fine finish Japanese plaster


Sharing skills

In 2017 EBUKi became involved with the Terra Migaki Design project and attended two workshops on Japanese earth finishes. The project, a collaboration between Japanese and Italian craftspeople, designers, and architects, is a very exciting exciting melting pot of ideas and inspiration. During the workshops we focussed on polished earth finishes for buildings and objects and were surrounded in Milan by an exhibition of beautiful stoves, furniture, fabric, vessels and other items crafted from raw earth.


Following these very fruitful gatherings, EBUKI have now become ambassadors for the Terra Migaki Design Project, which means we will work to create stronger connections with the Italian and Japanese craftspeople and develop our own events and activities around the theme of finely crafted earth objects and finishes. If you would like to know more about Terra Migaki Design follow the links and keep an eye on our event pages here and on facebook for future happenings.