Social impact and skills sharing

EBUKI are using the outcomes of ECVET Earth and JUMP! Projects to engage hard to reach learners with earth and construction

Social impact and skills sharing: EBUKI earth building courses with ‘hard to reach’ groups, 2019


We are working towards a longer term programme on a more substantial build but that needs significant resources. This might be something we can consider at EBUKI and with our developing partnerships in the future.


The tactile nature of the material makes it ideal for crossing social barriers


Building finished structures also builds trust

We are delighted to be reaching out to people to create positive and meaningful experiences that give hope and encouragement. We have developed a course that has been received very positively in Scotland and we look forward to rolling it out around the UK in due course.






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In an ideal world we might create the earth builders of the future but, for now, we are giving people who really need a break, skills, knowledge and awareness to make some positive changes, to give them confidence in their abilities, and to help them look after both their own well-being and the health of the wider world.

Simple projects build confidence

The social impact and skills sharing project was initially funded by The Tudor Trust giving Ebuki the confidence to initiate discussions with other organisations to match fund the practical workshops. This combined funding has allowed us to both deliver the workshops and develop the materials for further training.


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