PIRATE ECVET Earth 2012 - 2015

EBUKI were partners in the exciting Pirate Project, bringing our skills and knowledge to help achieve the project aims.

The project website https://ecvetearth.hypotheses.org/ has loads of information, tools, downloads and links

PIRATE ECVET Earth was a project to write learning outcomes for all the structural earth building types. Learning outcomes describe what a learner must know and can do which can be assessed against set criteria, also written as part of the project. PIRATE grew out of the previous Learn Earth project to develop learning outcomes for plasters, from materials mixes to decoration and everything else involved. PIRATE was different because it waas about structures where there is a greater perception of risk.


ECVET Earth Units can be selected and used in different order. For example the Unit M is about materials, selection, mixing and blending. This could be used with Unit P Production, B Building or R Repair or taught and assessed entirely on its own.

Learning Outcomes are what you need to know NOT how you learn them.


The first full meeting, lots of ideas on how to go forward with 8 partner countries


Skills and Knowledge are sides of the same coin

The process involved breaking into working groups, developing ideas, mainly in face to face meetings in partner countries. Slowly common trends emerged.

Ideas on paper need testing out in practice


By the end we were pretty skilled at working together


Each Unit is presented in the same way, skills and knowledge, competence or responsibility and then the assessment sheet

Competence is what each level is responsible for on site or in design

Criteria and indicators that the learner, the assessed person, knows enough, has the skills and also the experience to earn that level



For more on the project background click HERE