Let's Build With Earth Zimbabwe

EBUKI are partners in the exciting Lets Build With Earth Zimbabwe Project, bringing our skills and network to help achieve the project aims.

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LBWEZW grew out of Zimbabwe's earth building culture, it's innovation in standards, it's need for affordable low emission building materials and it's international connections.


A quick survey of the production, contracting, design and education available showed switching to low carbon technologies could be achieved quickly and at low cost.


Teaching the next generation of professionals at NUST


Inspecting 25 year old clay plaster test panels at SIRDC

Starting with discussions between NUST, local professionals and Ebuki LBWEZW wrote MoU's in 2019 and initiated the first meetings and presentations with a range of local private, government, NGO and academic stakeholders. It also began the first formal teaching sessions in earth structures.

Thousands of air dried bricks could reduce costs and emissions


Supported by:


A small team has been designing strategies to move the project forward, design competitions, surveying existing structures, networking with practitioners, producers and encouraging stakeholders have all begun.

Rammed earth suburbs exist in many cities and after 80 years some need a little maintenance

The next visit by Ebuki was scheduled for Septemeber 2020 but has been postponed until September 2021. The potential for this to be replicated in many countries in the region is a continuing factor in how the project is planned and executed.

EBUKI remain a committed and active partner.