EBUKI are partners in the exciting CobBauge Project, bringing our skills and network to help achieve the project aims.

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The CobBauge project is part of the work by the European Union to reduce the carbon emissions of the FCE area by 2020 by 20% (2012/27/UE). The energy consumed for the building sector currently represents 40% of the total energy produced (UE2010), 60% of which is used by occupants to heat buildings.

The cob houses that are commonly found in the Channel regions of France and Great Britain do not meet the current thermal regulations. So the objective of the CobBauge project is to create new cob materials and processes that are both economical and compliant with building standards while answering the needs for the preservation of the local historical heritage.

The CobBauge project was selected under the European cross-border cooperation Programme INTERREG V A France (Channel) – England co-funded by the ERDF and involves 5 French and British partners.

Duration of the project: 07/2017 – 03/2019

Total budget: € 1,097,485

ERDF co-financing: €757,265 (69%)

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