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EBUKI is a registered charity and much of our work is done voluntarily, so if you work, or want to work, in earth building, joining as a member helps us to help you.

When you pay your Membership please find and fill and return the GIFT AID form HERE to

Membership fees and donations help us to:


Membership Category

  • increase awareness about earth building
  • keep our website and social media resources updated on a range of earth building topics
  • provide expert speakers and workshop leaders at our National events
  • arrange information gathering and dissemination
  • work with National and International partners to write, publish and set new standards for earth building techniques
  • develop accredited standards in training for earth builders
  • send earth builders, trainers and assessors for accredited training
  • work to develop a library of information about materials and techniques
  • work to develop a mapping facility of UK and Irish earth buildings
  • act as an umbrella for research, development and practice funding applications
  • participate actively in a European earth building network
  • pursue a range of agendas, which make the use of earth much easier

We hope that you will support us and in return

All members benefits

  • direct access to our collections of materials, which will inform you, or your designer, builder, regulator, or funder of all the available resources.
  • direct access to recent scientific data and articles for supporting evidence
  • direct access to our database, connecting you to designers, consultants, suppliers, builders, trainers, scientists, and to national and international organisations.
  • relevant referrals being passed on to you from enquiries that we receive
  • access to the latest information and developments in the earth building sector: training, design, research and regulations
  • knowledge sharing
  • advance notice of networking opportunities and events
  • regular email newsletter updates
  • dedicated Members social media group for discussions, knowledge sharing and advanced notification of new information pages.


Annual subscription £21, Concessions £5

You'll have access to all the information above and get a full email newsletter, keeping you up to date with events, projects, people… and much more. Let us know if you have content you want to share, work you have done, work or volunteering you dream of doing and we'll put you in touch with the right people!


Annual subscription Small £41.75, Medium £210, Large £414

We'll also promote you with your own profile page on this website, featuring your portfolio of services or products. For example earth builders and designer members can upload images of their buildings to show a portfolio of work. Your page will be shared once a year on our public Facebook page. We can also share your major events via social media, providing you give us the copy. If you have ideas, skills, or suggestions to pass on, we're listening..get in touch!

You can use our EBUKI logo on your promotional literature to demonstrate your strong commitment to earth building and sustainability to your clients.


Your organisation will be promoted on your profile page on this website, which will be shared once a year on our public Facebook page. We can also share your major events via social media, when you give us the copy. You can use our EBUKI logo on your promotional literature, to demonstrate the strength of our collaboration in promoting sustainable earth building.



Please find GIFT AID form HERE


You can boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every 1 you donate. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year.

Your address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer.

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