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Since 2007 Earth Building UK and Ireland has relied upon funding from grant making bodies as well as private companies and individuals.

The money we raise contributes to projects that promote the use of earth building as a modern construction technology.

By donating to EBUKI you will enable us to:

  • continue to develop our website into a leading resource for information about the history and future of earth building. We have big plans to create a free to use, comprehensive directory of earth buildings in the UK and Ireland. Help us to realise this valuable resource by contributing to the initial development cost

  • engage in publicity to raise the profile of earth building generally and to expand our network

  • organise events to share expertise and new techniques and to support the growing interest in environmentally minded building practices

  • bring our Executives and Trustees together throughout the year to work on developing new projects and ideas

If you would like more information about where we started and where we are headed as an organisation you can find it here.
You can send us any amount, securely online by following the ‘Donate’ button at the top of this page.

If you represent a company or organisation and would like to discuss ways to collaborate with EBUKI please contact:


We’re a growing organisation with a lively and engaged membership. Becoming a member is the easiest way to begin your involvement with EBUKI. For full details of membership types, benefits and to join online go here.


We’re really excited to be staging the 9th annual Clayfest event in beautiful Lincoln Castle from 12th to 17th June this year.

We have a brilliant range of workshops planned as well as a fantastic conference and symposium. These will supplemented by tours of the best local examples of non-traditional building techniques.

Find full details of this excellent event and register to attend here


We are always looking for talented individuals who are able to help us with smaller tasks or one off projects.

If you have an idea for how to get involved with us get in touch. Otherwise, some of the areas we often need help with are:

Design for web and print marketing
Social media
Copywriting for publications

We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas for us questions about the work we do. We are also very happy to deal with press enquiries or see our media page for resources and links.

If you have any suggestions of ways you or your organisation might like to collaborate with us get in touch!



Please find GIFT AID form HERE


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